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Understanding PTE

In a nutshell

Before we could develop a system, we usually go through a phase of Requirement Study. This is where we will meet our end user to get their requirements. With the user requirements at hand, we will start develop end user application. Thus, getting the requirement right is very important. There are several processes that we could do to ensure that the requirements are properly captured and produce set of documents that will drive the developers.

Prototyping is one of the way to ensure that what we (SA/BA/Developer) have in mind tele with what our client have in their mind. However the process to write prototype is time consuming, and at times it would be very tedious when user asked to change/add more elements into the prototype. For management point of view, time consuming is equal cost, in which at times our client wouldn't want to bear.

PTE mission is basically to ensure that the process of creating prototype is shorten by using standard templates, that will allow developer to build the prototype similar to LEGO, where each section can be build block by block. Excel is used because it is simple to use, and most people are familiar with Excel spreadsheet. PTE also will be using for the custom controls and templates.

more to come...

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